for better or for worse | brother firetribe

it's so hard to keep away, it's not easy
to think about you every day ,every night
like a fool I am, driving by your house again
you'll never know what it's like
you'd never understand

like in my dreams before ,I'll be knocking at your door,
trying to survive the emotional storm
counting all the days, I can't wait to see you face to face

crazy, tragic accident, my cross to bear , you're heaven sent
for better or for worse, for better or for worse,I'll be there
you're my magic accident, you took me to the other side
for better or for worse, for better or for worse,I'll be there

I don't know what's right or wrong and frankly I don't care
all I know is I can't take this anymore
in my mind I promised not to cross the line
after all the grief and pain and the mess I made
there's just no other way

...I'll be crying for you
dying for you
how my heart's still yearning for you
you're in my life for better or for worse...

>for better or for worse | brother firetribe<


[ tranquilidad ]

en busca de la tranquilidad..
..y tranquilidad se quedó atrás en el camino!

¿por qué es tan parsimoniosa la tranquilidad?
¿por qué no es capaz de seguir el compás de mis pasos?
¿acaso no me he ganado un poco de su compañía aunque sea fugaz?

la tranquilidad a veces es aburrida,
no le gusta vivir nuevas emociones;
la tranquilidad está bien
siempre y cuando no se quede a dormir todos los días..

_ d'escribiendo